The Angles of Lattitude Podcast

Jessica Rhodes - Leveraging Other’s Networks To Get On Popular Business Podcasts (AoL 129)

August 16, 2018

If you're a well known thought leader, getting out a new product, book, service, or course isn't that difficult to promote. As you've climbed to the top of your mountain, there's a good chance you've met plenty of other folks who would love to share time with you about your new product.

Unfortunately, not all of us have gotten to the point where we can just reach out to 50 some podcasts and YouTube channels and have tons of interviews about our new warez.

However, there are folks out there that have a comparable network to those well known thought leaders. Many times they're publicists, but in this session's case, we're talking specifically about being booked as a guest for podcasts!

Jessica Rhodes is the founder of Interview Connections and has been building her business by being the matchmaker for podcasters and expert guests.

In today's conversation, we talk to Jessica about how this business of hers got off the ground and how she and her team can do the footwork for you in getting your message out.


Show Notes: