The Angles of Lattitude Podcast

Rob Greenlee - Why It’s Easier Than Ever To Start Making A Podcast (AoL 122)

May 10, 2018

Show Notes:

A lot of creatives want to have a podcast. In the past, it took a lot of work to get one off the ground - especially when you're talking about post production.

However, we're in 2018 and a lot has changed since the mid 2000's. Including the introduction and evolution of handheld digital devices - particularly phones and tablets.

In today's chat with Spreaker's Rob Greenlee, we reflect on what he had to do early in his career as a podcaster and how that has changed to today.

This is a conversation you don't want to miss if you are on the fence about starting your own podcast or already have one and want to know where the industry is going.