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Running in Silence: Breaking Common Misconceptions of Eating Disorders and the Athletic Body with Rachael Steil (AoL 148)

May 9, 2019

Full show notes:

Body image can be a heck of a limiting belief. If you're a creative who wants to be on stage, you might believe if you're out of shape that you should be in shape before getting up there. Or, if you're slim, you might think you need to get some muscles and size to you so you appear more confident.

In the world of athletics, body image plays a role too.

Maybe even more so.

A lot of athletes believe that if they're going to stay at peak performance, that they need to control not only practice what they're doing with their bodies, but what goes into them.

That's fine. However, just like so many things, it can become a problem if taken too far.

In this interview, Veronica and I talk with former All-American athlete turned author Rachael Steil about her journey.

We find out what caused her to reach out for help and why she's taking what she's learned out to others.


If you find yourself obsessing about food and nutrition to an unhealthy extent, then this talk is for you.