The Angles of Lattitude Podcast

Working While Traveling - Exploring A Digital Nomad’s Lifestyle With Arne Giske (AoL 084)

April 20, 2017

Show notes:

Living life on your own terms. To some, that means simply having a business that allows them to stay at home and be with their kids. To others, that business might allow them to interact with some of the biggest names in their industry. While yet others, like today's guest, use their business as a method to not only enable them to work remotely, but as the motor for them to travel around the world as a major part of their lifestyle. Arne Giske is what you'd call a digital nomad. Having been an entrepreneur most of his life, he's developed a business that allows him to not only be mobile, but engage with folks all over the world. During the time that he's done this, he's also developed a podcast and Facebook group under the brand "The Millennial Entrepreneur". In today's chat with Arne, we find him just finishing up spending some time in Columbia before heading off to Florida for this weekend's AdCon conference. Daniel and I get the chance to find out more about his lifestyle including why he chose to live his life this way, some Do's and Don'ts for growing a large Facebook group, and what business he currently finds himself in to power his way around the globe. Arne's a great guy to know if you're looking to travel while working, too! Thanks for listening, and enjoy the show!