The Angles of Lattitude Podcast

Andrew Heaton - Using Your Unique Talents, Interests, and Experiences to Fulfill Your Mission (AoL 165)

January 5, 2020

Full Show Notes:

In general, politics is a topic that people are really engaged in or they want to keep away from it with a 10 foot pole. Personally for me, I'm a bit of a junkie. And in fact, the shows that I tend to listen to engage in political satire. They don't take themselves too seriously.

I love that because it's such a break from the norm. Because when you think of politics today, you often think of this side vs that side. One side is right while the other side is wrong. One side is Trump and on the other side you have the Pelosi lead Democrats.

This wasn't always the case.

Today's guest, Andrew Heaton, is someone I started listening to sometime last year in his last podcast called There's Something Off with Andrew Heaton. That particular show concluded this past summer and since then he's been busy building his own show entitled The Political Orphanage. (He also has a new show called Alienating the Audience , Sci-Fi based show, which we'll talk a bit about in the interview.)

Listen in as Andy and I get a chance to find out from Andrew what his process has been as he's been building his new platform. And what he can share with other creators in regards to getting on the national stage.