The Angles of Lattitude Podcast

David E. Bryant - Return on Experience and Expertise: Why Staying Humble Allows for Big Time Growth (AoL 168)

February 16, 2020

Full Show Notes:

Return on Experience and Expertise, or RoEE, is something we all should realize we have. Whether you're more street smart or climbed your way up the twin towers of formal education and the corporate world, you do have experience which can serve not only you, but those around you.

However, that said, it's up to us to realize what expertise can truly help others. Unlike our Passion, we don't get to choose our Purpose and where we fit with others.

However, when we can pair up our Purpose with our Passion, then we have the seeds to greatness. Add it to a unique Process, and we have a winning formula for awesome Profit!

Sound familiar? It should. I shared briefly about the 4 P's of the Ikigai in this blog post recently.

Today's guest, David Bryant, is a prime example of someone who's not only found this sweet spot in his career, but also has been able to take advantage of it. How? By staying humble and learning lessons wherever or from whoever he can.

In this chat, Andy and I get the chance to learn how he's done this over his career and some of the key things he's learned along the way.