The Angles of Lattitude Podcast

How to Make Better Life Choices by Changing Your Perspective with Isaac Lidsky (AoL 102)

August 24, 2017

Full Show Notes:

In the last session with Jeremy Miller, something stuck with me. In fact, it stuck so well that I used it as the trailer for the chat. He talked about the fact that if you go through life thinking a certain way, particularly that everyone is out to get you, then you're going to lose out on opportunity.

He's totally right. But I think it goes further than that. I think it goes as far as ANY limiting beliefs will prohibit you from having amazing opportunity. Especially after having the chat with today's guest.

At the ripe age of 13, he was told the news that he was going to eventually lose his site. At the time, he had recently landed a part on a popular kids' sitcom: Saved by the Bell: The New Class.

It was soon after this, however, that he would soon change things up dramatically. He would trade in his acting career to go to Harvard and major in Mathematics.

He would then go on to help start a successful business, become the law clerk for 2 supreme court justices, and take a struggling construction and make it worth 10x as much. Then he would go on to write a book that has become a New York Times Best Seller and speak at TED.

In this session, Albert Winks and I go "behind the scenes" with Isaac Lidsky.

This session isn't our normal format. In fact, you can think of it as a continuation of other interviews that Isaac has given. In it, we find out the answers to more "meta" questions.

Was it easy to jump from one career to the next? How did resurface in the public eye as a TED speaker and make a very successful first book? How he believes he was able to grow his construction business to the size it is today? Is it important to have people in your life that have "been there before"?

Thanks for spending some time with us and enjoy!