The Angles of Lattitude Podcast

Jared Latigo - Why Practical Minimalism Might Just Be Your Ticket To Freedom (AoL 138)

December 20, 2018

Show Notes and Extras:

One of the reasons many people become self employed is because they believe they can have more freedom working for themselves. Whether that's more time for family or the ability to dictate what they do in a given day - they're looking for more autonomy. However, as we get more and more successful, we have a decision to make. Do we want to scale up and bring more onto our team or stay at the level we're at because that's our sweet spot? It's really hard to fight the urge to scale up - especially if part of the way that you measure success is through an increase in income and the ability to buy bigger and better things. But what if finances didn't enter into the equation of success? What if it stayed at what was important to us at the beginning - to do what we want when we want? Not to be pressured by keeping up societal norms - but to spend time with those we care about and/or traveling? This is the life that today's guest Jared Latigo has crafted for himself and his family. Listen in as he explains how he got here and more about his life after debt. Enjoy!