The Angles of Lattitude Podcast

Marriage, The Entrepreneur, And Business Fundamentals With Brian And Francielle Daly (AoL 019)

February 14, 2021

Full Show Notes:

When you're introduced to somethings, you either can go slow or fast. Examples of learning something slow might include many sports and school activities such as multiplication, reading, and writing. You get the idea. Other times you have to go fast - like learning how to ride a bike. When it comes to entrepreneurship, and teaching others, you can do it quickly and risk blowing their minds. Or you can go slow and try to recreate how you might have learned. Unfortunately for people who marry an entrepreneur, they often times don't get the chance to learn slow.

For me and Maria, I tried to keep her process relatively slow so that it wouldn't get too nuts. However, as soon as we got married, I had her listening to podcasts and watching courses right away. Eventually getting her interested in what things she wanted to do outside of her day job. I could have gone quicker than that. I know that one of my best friends from school, Ben, got his now wife, Megan, to go to an LTD open meeting for their second date. She got to know the business more than she got to know him! Yikes. Talk about a steep learning curve!

Similarly, one of today's guests got the other to go to a business conference early on their dating life as well. As she eludes to in the podcast, he meant business! Francielle Daly quickly realized that Brian was for real and that being with him would mean things would change in her life. And boy did they ever. Now she's running her own site and coaching others with him. All in the matter of a couple of years. In today's session, we talk about what that transformation looked like and the ride they have taken together to this point in their solopreneur careers.

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