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Sean Tepper - The Magic of Compound Interest in Trading: Using SaaS to find Top Stock Picks and Invest Confidently (AoL 197)

March 29, 2021

Full Show Notes:

Often when we think about making millions of dollars, they think of three things. Primarily those things include building a business to a particular revenue level, creating a portfolio of real estate, or getting lucky in the stock market. That last one has always been something that I've struggled to believe - that you had to have luck to find the right top stock picks.

Back in session 182, we learned from Jason Brown that it's possible to create a predictable revenue stream from stocks. So after hearing that, I did a bit of research. What I came up with was a subscription the Rich Dad Newsletter... but unfortunately, it was simply a way for his publishing company to make $250 off of me while upselling other solutions.

It was frustrating to the say the least.

However, it wasn't much longer before I met today's guest, Sean Tepper, and my paradigm started to shift.

In today's chat, Sean shares with us how he created a platform called TYKR out of a need to develop his own passive income stream. In it we learn that being an angel investor isn't everything it's cracked up to be. And we also hear how, with the use of the platform itself, how we can all build passive income through the magic of compound interest.


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